When we are stressed, our fragile endocrine and hormonal system gets off balanced, leading to sleep disorders, weight gain, anxiety, headaches and digestive disorders.

Massage is well known to aid:

· Stress release
· Anxiety reduction
· Digestive disorders
· Fibromyalgia
· Headaches and migraines
· Insomnia related to stress
· Myofascial pain syndrome
· Soft tissue strains or injuries
· Sports injuries
· Aches and pains
· Improved circulation and lymph

Not only does massage feel absolutely wonderful, boosting the oxytocin levels and other feel good chemicals, it also improves your look, as the increased circulation gives you a natural healthy glow and your skin a wonderful natural shine.

It is well known that stress leads to premature aging. So why spend a small fortune on beauty creams, which only attempt to patch up the signs of wear and tear? Why not go straight to the root cause of the matter and invest in a massage, which will leave you looking younger, feeling more balanced and aid in relieving the stress. When we are relaxed, we have more clarity and focus in which to deal with all the issues we have in the busy modern life.

Many beauty creams also have toxic chemicals in them, hormone disrupters and even cancer causing ingredients ! I use only Organic Bio natural cold pressed oils which deeply nourish the skin, and are highly supportive to promote elasticity and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Using Essential Oils, in an aromatherapy massage is a wonderful addition, and a great way to support our specific health concerns. Whether this is mental stress, emotional upsets, hormonal imbalances, aching muscles and joints or simply extra rejuvenation for the skin, there are essential oils which will help. Essential oils the have the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin and pass into the bloodstream, and some the blood-brain barrier, carrying with them the potency of the plants specific medicinal qualities. This is one of the more enjoyable ways we can introduce herbal support into our life.

As an aromatherapy coach, I offer a brief check-in with you, and make you a personalised massage oil with individually chosen essential oils. If you wish I can also make you a concentrated blend to take home with you.

There has been a lot of research confirming that healing properties from essential oils and herbalised oils pass through the blood-brain barriers and are highly effective in easing stress, emotional conditions and even physical pain. This is particularly true when oils are applied to the scalp, as in the Indian Head Massage. It has always puzzled me : the western aversion to oils being applied to the head and hair. There are so many benefits to this type of application and massage:

· improving circulation
· strengthens the hair
· vitalises the roots
· promotes healthier thicker hair
· stimulates hair growth
· improves memory and focus

Rosemary essential oil is well renowned for its hair growth properties, as well as its use for focus and alertness. Ayurveda will use medicated herbs such as brahmi, gotu kola, amla and bhringraj, not only as centuries old beauty secrets to keep the hair full and prevent greying, but also to keep the mind clear and healthy.

We all want radiant, glowing, gorgeous skin. The skin is our largest organ and has its own microbiome, just like the gut.

Ayurveda understands that harsh soaps and cleansers will strip the skins natural healthy bacteria, just as antibiotics strip the gut of a healthy functional micro biome. So how do we keep our skin healthy ? We feed our skin the material the beneficial bacteria needs to thrive. Research shows that a Staphylococcus epidermidis produces a chemical, 6-n-hydroxyaminopurine (6-hap), has been shown to be responsible for the the life giving glow on the skin. And where do we find a rich source of this? Ayurveda’s favorite oil – Sesame ! Not only does it promote the growth of this health giving bacteria on our skin for radiance and glow, its vitamin E rich compound sesamol supports the beautification and cleansing of the skin.

Ayurvedic massage will use warm heavily herbalised sesame oil all over the body, for reasons, modern science is only now beginning to understand!

It is truly wonderful to understand this ancient system of health and beauty. For deeper understanding, an Ayurvedic Consultation will help you understand the balance of your internal elements. Just like our beautiful planet has micro-climates such as ragged mountain tops, lush meadow, raging rivers and dry desserts; so does our own precious internal ecosystem. Knowing how to balance these delicate inter-related systems as the seasons change, and the tides of time tear and wear us, and the fires of life burn us ! …is indeed an art and a science. Ayurveda is simple philosophy which one can understand an apply to our everyday life situations, and make choices to balance ourselves. Learn more with individual or small group classes.

I am here to help empower you to reclaim your health and LIFE through the wide range of skills I have gathered over decades of travelling around the world learning from shamans, healers, gurus and guides.

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